Trade Secret Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Trade Secret Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template will present several items concerning a Company’s Confidence when it shares sensitive information with a Recipient Party. Oftentimes, when a new business relationship is being forged (whether it is meant to be temporary or permanent), a Company may need to divulge or share information as a result. Currently, the sharing of a Company’s Confidential Information can be a long-term security issue with the potential for extremely deleterious effects on that Company’s long-term health. However, a sharing of Trade Secrets can often lend to a Company’s growth in some business relationship thus, a wise Company will employ any precaution at its disposal.

One such precaution is the use of this Template. That is because this Template will make every effort to make sure each Party knows what Confidential Information is, how it may be classified so, and when it should be protected. If the concerned Company makes sure this knowledge is perfectly understood by both parties at the time of signing, a mutual relationship can progress with the security of knowing each Party has given its word to uphold the same terms of Effect. Ultimately, once each party produces such a signature on this paperwork, it will become a contract enforceable by the courts.

How To Write

1 – Open The Form Presented Below On This Page

This paperwork has been supplied as a Microsoft Word (.docx) File and an Adobe PDF file. You may access and download it in either or both formats at your discretion.

2 – Identify The Participants and Effective Date Of This Contract

The heading of this document, just below the Title, must have some items provided in their respective areas. Locate the first two blank lined under the Title then, record the Company Name and its Mailing Address using these two blank lines.

The next two blank lines, below the capitalized word “And,” record the Legal Name and Address of the Recipient (of information).

Now, just above the main body of this document, enter the Date of Effect on the blank space labeled “Effective Date of Agreement.” It will be important to make sure both parties have coordinated their schedules to execute this Agreement on the Date listed here.

3 – Indicate The Jurisdiction Governing This Paperwork

There will be a blank space in Item 17. Here, you must report which State will hold Authority over the terms and effect of this contract.

4 – The Recipient And Inventor Must Both Sign This Contract

The Recipient of this information will need to sign this document on the blank space labeled “Recipient’s Signature” then print his or her Name below the Signature.

The Recipient must verify the Date of Effect listed above by reporting his or her Signature Date on the line labeled “Date.”

Next, under the bold words “Company,” a Signature Representative of the Company must sign and print his or her Name on behalf of the Company. This party must also verify the Effective Date above by documenting his or her Date of Signature on the “Date” line.