Software Development Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Software Development Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template developed for the purpose of protecting a Software Company’s Intellectual Property or otherwise Confidential Information from being disseminated by the Signature Party against the Software Company’s wishes. This can help a Software Company avoid a disastrous leak of information in a market that is notorious for being highly competitive. Such a leak can jeopardize a Software Company’s future and possibly harm the individual who has acted indiscreetly. Both results may be easily avoided by using every precautionary tool in one’s arsenal such as obtaining a written promise of discretion from the Recipient.This document will serve such a purpose nicely.

The paperwork here will go through some effort to detail what Confidential Information is as well as its treatment.  The documentation of such facts will provide the Recipient with the knowledge necessary to avoid betraying a Software Company’s trust after receiving its confidential information.  In turn the Signature of the Recipient on this document will verify his or her intent to keep the Software Company’s confidence regarding any of the information shared.  Hence, both parties can benefit from the clear line of communication aided by this document.
Naturally it will be important (for the proper use of this document) that enough time is given for each signature party to become fully acquainted with the terms presented in this paperwork.

How To Write

1 – Open The Paperwork Displayed Below

The contractual template is provided below and may be accessed through the links on this page. Download this template so that you may prepare it for the signing.

2 – Provide Specific Information Requested By This Template

This paperwork will require you report four specific facts pertaining to this situation, so the language may be applied effectively to the situation. First, we must indicate the Date this agreement is being entered using the first three blank spaces (DD/MONTH/YY).

On the blank line after the words “By And Between” and before the word “Hereinafter” supply the Legal Name of the Software Company.

The Name of the Recipient must be provided on the last blank space of this paragraph.

Finally, we will need to indicate which State’s Laws will hold jurisdiction over the obligations set forth in this agreement. Report this State after the words “…State Of” in Item 4.

3 – Both The Software Company And Recipient Must Execute This Agreement Through A Signature

After this document has been discussed to the satisfaction of all signature parties it may be presented for signing. Find the heading labeled “Software Company” near the bottom of the page. An authorized representative of the Software Company must present his or her Signature on the “Signature” line then record the his or her Date of Signature.

The “Signature” line in the “Recipient” section will need to be signed by the Recipient named above. The Recipient will also have to record his or her Date of Signature as well.