Violation of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Notice – Cease and Desist

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The Violation of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Notice – Cease and Desist Template should be utilized when it is time to enforce a violated Agreement. The Misappropriation of an entity’s information or even an incidental misuse can have destructive consequences on its survival in a competitive market. Therefore, many business entities will employ a Non-Disclosure Agreement when entering a new professional relationship with another entity. Simply put, such paperwork sets the term of how a Disclosing Party’s Trade Secrets and Confidential Information must be safeguarded by the Recipient Party who has entered the Agreement with a signature. The action of signing a contract binds the signer to the Agreement Terms in a way that is enforceable by the courts.

If the Recipient Party does violate such an Agreement, the Disclosing Party will be interested in exerting control over the violation by gaining the violator’s immediate compliance. In such a case, sending Notice that calls for the violator’s immediate compliance or face actions the offended Party may take. So long as the subject matter is a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement, this document can be applied to give the violator a clear Notice of his or her violation.

How To Write

1 – The Required Notice Is Found On This Page

This Notice can be obtained using the links provided. Obtain the Notice as a PDF or Word file when you are ready to fill it out.

2 – Record The Letter Date In The Heading And In The Body

The Date this Letter is being executed should be clearly stated. First state it on the blank line labeled “Date” at the top of the page in standard format.

Record the Date of Execution in the first statement. Here it will be split across three blank space so that you may record a Calendar Day, Month, and Calendar Year.

3 – Identify The Injured Party

Some required wording will be provided after the Date, but you will need to enter the Legal Name of the injured party on the blank line just before the word “Company.” Make sure this Name is recorded precisely as it appears in the Non-Disclosure Agreement the Letter Recipient has violated.

4 – List The Last Calendar Date The Violator May Confirm Compliance

The last paragraph will also require a Date. Use the blank spaces here to enter the Date when the injured Company is very likely to pursue a lawsuit for noncompliance. This deadline must be reported as a Two-Digit Day, Month Name, and Two-Digit Year on the first, second, and third blank spaces provided here.

5 – Execute This Notice

An Authorized Representative of the Company who has been violated must sign the blank line below the word Signature (located at the end of this Letter).” Make sure to be fully compliant with the Laws concerning this topic and the amount of Notice you must give in the City/State where this document applies.