Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement Template – NDA

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The Volunteer Non-Disclosure Agreement (Confidential) Template can be used to explain to volunteers the responsibility involved when being exposed to a Company’s Trade Secrets or Confidential Information. In addition to making sure such obligations are spelled out, this document will also seek the Volunteer’s binding Signature.

The purpose of this document can only be fulfilled with this item, since this will aid the Company in maintaining its privacy. Naturally, it will be in everyone’s best interests if both parties make sure they comprehend and agree with the definitions and conditions this document imposes on each Signature Party. The discussion regarding Confidentiality, this paperwork has engaged itself in, will apply to most situations and will include some definitions to what precisely Confidential Information is.

Once the discussion turns its attention to actions that may not be taken with this information, it will allow for the Company to seek a remedy (legal or otherwise) if the Volunteer breaks the Company’s confidence. This is important since, a binding signature will prove the Volunteer’s intent to comply with the Company’s Preferences.

While this template will provide quite a few tools, it will need to have some situation-specific information entered directly on the page. Make sure to enter all such requested items accurately when you are ready to prepare it for a signing.

How To Write

1 – Open The Document This Page Provides

This page will supply the required paperwork. You may download it whenever you are ready to proceed. Take a moment to make sure you have the software required to work on it onscreen.

2 – Read Through This Template And Supply Information

There will be quite a bit of information provided that shall be applied to the Volunteer and this language has been set to fulfill its purpose. Both parties should take a moment to review it. Once done, you will need to provide the Volunteer’s Name and the Name of the Company before it is presented.

First, locate the blank line after the words “…To The Volunteer Known As,” then use it to record the First, Middle, and Last Name of the Volunteer.

Now, find the blank line following the term “…In The Activities Or Affairs Of” so that you may document the Name of the Company imposing these conditions.

3 – Present This Agreement For The Signing

Once the information above has been verified and should be applied to the situation, present this document to the Volunteer. Allow some time so that he or she may read through this contract and so that any questions that arise can be answered to satisfaction.

The Volunteer must sign the “Volunteer’s Signature” line then print out his or her name on the blank line below this.

On the adjacent line he or she should enter the Calendar Date of Signature. That is, the current Date when he or she signs this form should be recorded here