Film (Movie) Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Film (Movie) Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template is a contractual form which may be utilized as a tool to protect a production company’s operations. Oftentimes, there will be many entities and individuals involved in a production and all of them will need to provide some assurance that private or confidential information will remain protected without indebting the production company to the signer. This paperwork will provide a satisfying method for completing this task regardless of whether the signature party is a paid actor on the set, an extra, a production assistant, etc.

The structure of this document will supply the necessary wording however some input is required so that it will apply to the current situation. Here, the topics of discussion will include what information should be considered confidential, methods of how any information may not be dispersed, and the consequences of violating this agreement. Since this will be a signed contract, the signature party can be held liable to its terms. This will give some assurance that a production company’s practices will not be discussed with outside parties.

This document can be reviewed and accessed on this page. Simply open the picture displayed to see a copy immediately then, when you are ready, download this file as a PDF or Word file. You may work on it either onscreen or print it then work on it. You may print as many copies as necessary.

How to Write

1 –  Determine The File Type You Require

This agreement is available as both an Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx). Make sure you have the software required to enter information on-screen. In the absence of such programs, most up-to-browsers can open the agreement as a PDF so that you may print it.

2 – Supply Production Information

The first statement will need to have specific information entered to apply this contract to the concerned signature party and production company. We shall begin by entering the Name of the Production Company on the first blank line.

List the Full Name of the movie on the second blank space in this paragraph.

The next three spaces should be used to present the Calendar Day, Month, and Year when this contract is being made.

3 – Solidify The Employee’s Identity

The last blank space has been supplied so the Employee’s Full Name can be recorded. This is the individual who will enter this agreement with the Production Company.

4 – The Employee Must Execute This Document As The Third Party

The Employee entering this Agreement must sign his or her Name on the blank space labeled “3rd Party’s Signature”

Immediately after providing his or her Signature, the Employee must report the current Date on the adjacent blank line.

Below this, the Employee must print his or her name on the blank line labeled “Print Name”