Website Design Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Website Design Non-Disclosure (NDA) Template enables a Web Designer and his or her Client to solidify each Party’s desire to maintain Confidentiality. This results from the natural process of designing a web page for a client. Often, the Client will need to share what may be very sensitive information, so a project may continue. Similarly, a Web Designer may need to reveal some of his or her Trade Secrets. Both parties will hope that any such information shared will remain kept in-house and shared only with the Discloser and the Recipient. This document will name all the conditions that come with divulging Confidential Information and how that information should be disclosed to be considered Confidential. Once a signature is placed by both parties, each will be able to hold the other responsible for all the terms listed in this paperwork.

It should be mentioned that a clear discussion should be had by each party entering this agreement. That is, each should be aware the contents and express a clear willingness to abide by requirements of this contract. Of course, since it is a Template, it can be re-used and even edited however, any editing of the language contained here should only be done under the clear supervision of a qualified professional such as an attorney.

How To Write

1 – Open The Contract Displayed In The Preview Image

The required Non-Disclosure document can be found below the preview image. You may view and download this contract as an Adobe PDF file. It is also available as a Microsoft Word (.docx) document.

2 – Report Who Will Comply With The Terms Presented

The first paragraph of this document will need to declare the identity of each entity who have decided to abide by this Agreement. Two blank spaces have been supplied to this end.

Record the Legal Name of the First Party in the space provided preceding the words “The First Party”

The second empty space will require the Full Name of the Second Party entering this document. Record this entity’s Full Name in the space just before the words “The Second Party”

3 – Each Of The Recorded Parties Must Sign This Contract

Everyone who must enter and benefit from this Agreement will need to provide a Dated Signature and Printed Name.

The First Party must find the blank lines labeled “Signature Of First Party,” “Name Of First Party,” and “Dated.” He or she should sign the Signature Line then print his or her Name on the blank space below this. Once these tasks are complete the First party should enter the Current Date as his or her Signature Date.

Next, the Second Party will have to sign his or her Name on the blank space labeled “Signature Of Second Party.” The Second Party will also need to Print his or her Name on the blank line below the Second Party’s Signature Line. Finally, the Second Party must report the Current Date of Signing on the “Dated” line.