Real Estate Buyer Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template – Confidentiality

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The Prospective Real Estate Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template will help Landlords to protect their interests in maintaining their privacy when they must give access to their Property to a Prospective Tenant.

Confidentiality becomes an issue when any foreign body is privy to an entity’s secrets.

This can be especially true of Landlords who open their Property for inspections or lease arrangements.

Typically, most Landlords will want assurance that their information is safe from being used or dispensed in any way, especially if it is confidential information that may affect their standing in the community or professional status.

This type of security can come through the execution of a signed contract that has clearly stated what each party’s responsibility and obligations in this area are.

You may download this Template in one of two file formats: Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF. Once you have a copy that has been filled out with the information it requests, you should dispense it to the signature parties for a thorough review. It is strongly recommended that you coordinate all signature parties so that all signings occur on the same date. This will reduce any confusion or possible misunderstandings regarding the Start Date of this contract’s Effect.

How to Write

1 – The Buyer Confidentiality Form Is Available On This Page

The confidentiality document on this page has been provided as both a Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.docx). Download the format compatible your software or use the image to print it as a PDF directly from your browser.

2 – The Landlord And Purchaser Identity Must Be Clearly Presented

Find the term “…Is Made And Agreed To By.” On the first empty space after this term, document the Full Name(s) of the Landlord and/or his or her Agent. 

The second blank space in this statement calls for the Prospective Purchaser and/or Purchaser’s Agent Legal Name(s) to be recorded in full.

3 – Identify The Concerned Property

The Property that will be investigated by the Purchaser or the Purchaser Agent should be clearly recorded. Find the statement starting with the words “This Agreement Is In Regard To” then, fill in the Address of the Property’s Physical Address.

4 – Present The Governing State

The State where this agreement will be governed should be supplied on the blank space in Item 8.

5 – All Landlord And Buyer Parties Must Sign This Agreement

The last item will have some items that must be satisfied to execute this document as a contract. To begin, the Landlord will need to Sign his or her Name on the “Landlord’s Agent Signature” Line. In addition, he or she must enter the Date of this Signature. Finally, on the blank line labeled “Print Name” the Landlord must Print his or her Name. 

If a Landlord used an Agent to represent him or her in this matter, the Landlord Agent will need to sign his or her Name too. This should be done on the “Landlord’s Agent Signature” line. The Landlord’s Agent will also need to provide a Date of Signature and his or her Printed Name on the blank spaces designate as “Date” and “Print Name” (respectively).

The Purchaser must supply his or her Signature on the blank space labeled “Prospective Purchaser’s Signature.” This should be followed by the Signature Date and his or her Printed Name. Only the Purchaser may supply items in this area.

If the Purchaser used an Agent in this matter, the Purchaser’s Agent must sign the space labeled “Purchaser’s Agent Signature,” print his or her Name below this signature, then enter the Date of Signature on the blank space next to the Signature.