Iowa Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Iowa Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template is an available and ready-to-use tool for businesses wishing to enter a working relationship while taking every measure to guard sensitive information from being improperly dispensed. Each individual or business entity entering this contract will agree to the obligations and restrictions listed within it through a signature. This signature is what will provide the binding effect to transform this document to a contract.

All the items (definitions, terms, actions, etc.) in this document conform to the tenets of the Iowa Uniform Trade Secrets Act and will not supersede its statutes in any way. The framework and language will provide the necessary tools to solidify each party’s obligation to uphold a company’s privacy, but some areas will need attention. The information requested will apply this template to the current participants of this agreement and is just as valuable as the signature each must provide. After accessing this form through one of the links on this page, make sure to read through this document before presenting it for a signature. You may enter all the information requested with an appropriate editing program or you may print it then supply the requested information manually. Once these items have been provided, present the document to each concerned party for review. It should be signed upon the satisfaction and agreement of and by each participating party.

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LawsChapter 550 (Trade Secrets)