Independent Contractor Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Independent Contractor Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template on this page has been developed to assure an Independent Contractor’s Client that any information shared with the Independent Contractor will remain confidential. By providing such assurance both parties can enjoy a level of security. The Client will gain a promise from the Independent Contractor that his or her information is safe while the Independent Contractor will have a tool to encourage a positive relationship with the Client.

This document will make sure to secure a definition for what is and what is not Confidential. Additionally, it will go to some lengths to expand on different types of information and what is considered tolerable by the Client. When both parties can agree on these defintions, they can then agree on the obligations each one will have to the terms listed in this paperwork. Once each of these parties sign this document it will become a contract that can be upheld by the courts.

It should be noted that while this document is editable so that any terms within it can be altered to match each signature party’s desires, it would be considered extremely unwise to make any changes without first consulting an attorney.


Laws17 U.S. Code § 201 (b) defined under “Work Made for Hire”.


How To Write

1 – This Document Is Available Through The Links Below

When you are ready to fill out and dispense this paperwork, you may download it using the links on this page. Make sure to download it in the file format you prefer working in if you wish to fill it out onscreen otherwise, you may also print it as a PDF file using a current browser.Adobe PDFMicrosoft Word (.docx)

2 – The First Item Must Have The Information Requested Provided In The Appropriate Areas

Several areas in this paperwork must have the information specific to this arrangement supplied onto them. The first three blank spaces in the first paragraph are reserved for the Date of this document. This Date must be presented across these spaces as a Two-Digit Day, the Month, and the Two-Digit Year.

The next few pieces of information that should be reported in this paragraph will relate specifically to the Client requiring this contract’s execution. Let’s turn our attention to the four blank spaces following the term “…Is By And Between.” The first one requires a presentation of the Client’s Legal Name. the second blank space needs the Client’s Street Address, the third space should have the Client’s City recorded, and the fourth blank space should have the Name of the State filled in.

Now we will need to tend to the Identity and Location of the Independent Contractor who must enter this agreement with the Client. Find the capitalized word “AND,” then enter the Client’s Full Legal Name, Street Address, City, and State on the four blank spaces following this word.

3 – Record Where The Governing Law Is Located

The State where this agreement is drafted and executed will be where the Laws governing this agreement will be. Record the Name of this State on the blank line in item “9. Governing Law.”

4 – Both Contractor And Client Must Execute This Paperwork Together

The Independent Contractor agreeing to these term will need to provide a Signature acknowledging them. On the blank space labeled “Independent Contractor’s Signature,” the Independent Contractor must sign his or her Name and enter the Date of Signature on the adjacent blank line (labeled “Date”)

Below this the Independent Contractor must provide the Printed version of his or her Name, the full Legal Name of the Contractor’s Company Name, and the Title held by the Independent Contractor with the Contractor company. These items must be legibly printed or typed on the lines labeled.

The concerned Client (or an Authorized Representative of the Client) must also sign his or her and provide the Date of Signature on the blank lines labeled “Client’s Signature” and “Date” (respectively).

On the final three blank lines (“Print Name,” “Company,” and “Title”) should have the Printed Name, Company, and Title (held with the Client Company) presented by the the Client or an Authorized Representative.