Minnesota Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Minnesota Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template is a contract set up to compel those who are exposed to a business’ Trade Secrets to maintain confidence. That is, to refrain from actions such as inadvertently leaking out such information or even intentionally (and improperly) dispersing it. In many businesses, any sort of indiscretion could have devastating effects. Thus, it is considered a business standard to obtain assurance, from any entity entering a professional relationship, that any such information exposed while doing business will not be dispersed in an irresponsible or improper manner.

This paperwork will explain such nuances and expectations then, place a responsibility obligating each entity to one another (provided that entity has signed this form). When a signature is placed on this form, it will generally indicate to one and all the signer fully comprehends its contents and will abide by its demands or be held accountable.

This contract contains the framework and wording to achieve such goals however, it must have some basic information input. This may be done after you have opened and downloaded it from this page. You may fill it out onscreen or print it then have each concerned party sign it. Note: Each signature party or representative must read this contract before signing it, therefore it is in every entity’s best interest to allow enough time for an ample review of its terms before executing this paperwork.

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LawsChapter 325C (Uniform Trade Secrets Act)