Pennsylvania Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Pennsylvania Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template is a standardized contract that insists on the preservation of a business entity’s Trade Secrets. As a template, you may use it as often as is necessary by simply having a blank copy handy. The language in this paperwork will provide several important items while remaining compliant with the Pennsylvania Trade Secrets Act (Chapter 53).

Some of these items will contain definitions to what information should be considered confidential, as well as name what actions would violate the business entity’s trust. Additionally, there will be a detailed code of conduct the signature party will be expected to follow regarding the business entity’s private information.

These terms will be appreciated by most businesses who do not wish information regarding their internal operations released. These concerns are addressed by gaining assurance from individuals or entities, such as a new hire or business partner, that any such information is closely guarded. A signature from such an entity would serve as a written acknowledgement of receiving the information on this form and agreeing to its terms.

The template is available for download using this page. Here, you will see a preview of the document as well as two links. Each will allow a download of this file. You may choose to download this template as a Word Document, Adobe PDF document, or both depending upon your needs. When you are ready, download the form, review it, fill in the information then present it to be signed.

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LawsChapter 53 (Trade Secrets)