Kansas Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Kansas Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template is geared to document the intent to safeguard a company’s Trade Secrets. It was developed as a means to clearly spell out what information a company considers private to its signature parties and how that private information should not be dispensed. Many would see this as a wise precautionary measure to reduce the likelihood of a company’s Trade Secrets from being compromised by specifically detailing what behavior a company will and will not tolerate.

In its original form this form conforms to the statutes in the Kansas Uniform Trade Secret Act (60-3328) and supplies the necessary framework and language to apply to nearly any situation where two or more business entities begin a professional relationship. Naturally, some information will be required to apply this contract to the users’ situation, however it may be executed once these items have been furnished and the paperwork reviewed by all the concerned parties. This document becomes a contract upon the signature of each concerned party.

When you are ready, you may download this form at your discretion. It is available as a PDF file or a Word document. If you wish to use a computer to enter information directly onto this form before signing, then make sure you have the compatible software.

DownloadsAdobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)

Laws§ 60-3321 (Misappropriation of trade secret; injunctive or other protective relief)