Oregon Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Oregon Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template is a well formulated written tool to hold an entity or individual conducting business with its useable responsible for the preservation of the user’s Trade Secrets. In addition, it will can be used to hold a signing party accountable for any indiscretion that results in the release of such information.

This document may be found then downloaded directly on this page. You may view it in the preview supplied here. Once you have opened it as either a Word or PDF file, you may review it more thoroughly. It will need some information recorded on it from the user in order to apply to the situation it must apply to. These are simple items but must be presented as accurately as possible for this document to be properly prepared. When this information is supplied, and everyone involved has read it, it may be presented for a signing.

It is important to mention that Oregon Statutes 646.4671 to 646.475 will govern such matters and apply to all situations in this state at the discretion of the State of Oregon. This contract is in full compliance with such statutes hence, it will remain enforceable by the courts at all times.

This agreement should be downloaded from this page then read thoroughly both by the user before it is prepared and by each individual or authorized representative signing this form. As mentioned earlier, a few definitions will be provided along with a guideline on how to behave with such information. There will also be several additional points that must be comprehended.

DownloadsAdobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)

Laws – ORS 646.469 (Preservation of trade secret by court)