Oklahoma Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Oklahoma Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template can be used when it is time to solidify an individual or entity’s intent to preserve the user’s Trade Secrets and other information that would be considered sensitive or confidential. The primary goal of using such a document will be to safeguard these secrets by providing the details on how the Signature Party may comply with this document’s need to preserve the user’s secrets and what information should be considered sensitive.

Generally, once a document that contains information obligating a signature party is signed, it will act as a binding contract. That is how this agreement will function starting on the Signature Date. Thus, making it enforceable in a court of law. Any such enforcement may be considered outside of actions taken by law enforcement and it should be mentioned this contract will not in any way impede actions taken under the Oklahoma Uniform Trade Secrets Act. In fact, it is fully compliant with such statutes and operates under the State of Oklahoma’s governance.

You can open and download this form using this page. Initially, it should be thoroughly reviewed as this document’s terms will apply to all signature parties. Once this is done, you may supply the requested information in preparation of the singing. Each participant should have an original copy to retain for his or her records.

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Laws§ 78-85 t0 § 78-95 (Uniform Trade Secrets Act)