Illinois Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Illinois Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template should be used when a professional relationship will potentially cause a sharing of Trade Secrets or when Confidential Information has the potential of being shared. This template will act as a binding contract upon the executing signature of each individual who reads and signs it. The subject matter detailed within this paperwork will include what Trade Secrets and Confidential Information are, the various means of how information may be misappropriated or improperly used, the various actions that may be taken against the violating party, and the time frames involved. Everyone signing this form should make sure to read each item listed and sign only upon his or her comprehension and agreement.

This contract will not conflict in any way with the Illinois Trade Secret Act. In fact, it is in full compliance and will work in addition to the Illinois Trade Secret Act in the sense that it is a precautionary measure because it holds the signature parties in obligation to one another. Whereas, the Illinois Trade Secret Act will remedy its own solutions to the improper use of Trade Secrets using Law Enforcement in addition to any consequences listed here in this document.

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Laws765 ILCS 1065/ (Illinois Trade Secrets Act)