Massachusetts Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Massachusetts Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template satisfies a business entity’s need to protect its Trade Secrets and other sensitive information from being dispensed when it is effective. The State of Massachusetts protects such subjects as the unauthorized dispersal of Trade Secrets (Massachusetts Regulation Of Trade And Certain Enterprises, Section 42) and this document will work in compliance with all such laws as a contract. This paperwork will provide the service of informing the Signature Parties of what is considered a Trade Secret and therefore confidential and how such information should be preserved. In addition to naming such information and holding each party responsible for a breach of confidence, it will also allow the injured party to seek a remedy in relation to such a breach. In many cases, this is considered standard procedure. Regardless of the user’s experience however, this form will act as a contract once it is signed.

This contract may be found and obtained directly on this page through the links provided. Make sure to have either an up-to-date browser to print it or a compatible program to enter the required information on screen. Make sure to print enough copies so that all entities signing this document can have an original for their future reference.

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LawsChapter 93, Section 42 (Taking of Trade Secrets)