Florida Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Florida Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template is a document where Trade Secrets and other information considered confidential will be protected through the binding power of a signed contract. This protection comes from discussing subject matters like what information is considered private or confidential, forbidden and improper means of dispersing this information, and the remedies for breaching the terms outlined within it. There will be a variety of other subject matters listed in this contract, so it will be imperative to the purpose of this document’s execution that each signature party comprehend each item perfectly before signing it. Once this paperwork has been signed each party will be obligated and held responsible to their acknowledgement to entering this agreement.

This document can act as a solidifying tool when either party wishes to enforce its terms, or the statutes listed in the Florida Uniform Secrets Act. It should be noted however, that in the event of a violation of these terms, satisfying the penalties imposed in this document will not necessarily satisfy any penalties incurred if the Florida Uniform Trade Secrets Act is violated by the actions causing the breach. This would be a separate matter. This contract is in full compliance with the Florida Uniform Trade Secrets Act. Therefore, if the user wishes to alter it in any way, then he or she should contact an attorney or a qualified professional for a consultation regarding any changes to the language or structure presented.

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LawsChapter 688 (Uniform Trade Secrets Act)