Missouri Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Missouri Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template presents the manner in which Trade Secrets should be treated. Mostly, this will be issued at the beginning of a new business relationship to make sure everyone involved is aware of how should treat a business entity’s Trade Secrets. This will act as both a guideline filled with information as well as a binding agreement.

This document will, of course, be fully compliant with the Missouri Uniform Trade Secrets Act (§417.450 – §417.467 R.S. Mo.) and should be considered a separate matter. That is, whereas the Missouri Uniform Trade Secrets Act holds those privy to a business’ Trade Secret responsible to the law, this contract will hold signature parties accountable to each other through this document’s execution according to the terms listed here.

If you have software that can edit a PDF or Word document, you may download the New Mexico form found on this page then enter the required information directly on screen. The information required will focus primarily on identities and locations. You may then print enough copies for the binding signatures to be supplied. If you do not have the appropriate software, you may print up the number of copies required then gain the necessary signatures.

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Laws – § 417.450 through § 417.467 (Missouri Uniform Trade Secrets Act)