Ohio Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Ohio Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template is designed to operate under the auspices of the Ohio Uniform Trade Secrets Act (§ 1333.61 to § 1333.69) to aid a business in protecting itself from the misappropriation of its Trade Secrets and Trade Practices. As a guideline it will inform its readers what is considered Sensitive Information, the determined treatment of such information, the ramifications of improperly using or even releasing such information and call for the violator (of these terms) to expect to be held responsible for their actions. This does not in any way interfere, violate, or otherwise impede the Ohio Uniform Trade Secrets Act. The paperwork presented here will always be compliant with the statutes contained in the Uniform Trade Secrets Act. In addition, the Ohio Statutes involved will not interfere with the conditions and effect of the terms stated in this agreement.

The template presented below may be easily obtained through the links supplied on this page as either a Word document or a PDF file. A minimum amount of information will be required, and this may be entered directly on-screen with the appropriate software. Otherwise, you may print this form and fill it out manually. Make sure enough copies are produced so each signature party will be able to retain a record of this agreement for his or her future reference.

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Laws§ 1333.61 to § 1333.69 (Uniform Trade Secrets Act)