Wisconsin Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Wisconsin Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template discusses a company’s privacy with its Trade Secrets and other sensitive information. It can be especially useful when the concerned company is forming a new business relationship or hiring additional employees. Normally, in such circumstances, a company will need some assurance from the new relationship that its private or sensitive information will not be misused or dispensed irresponsibly. This paperwork will detail how this may occur thereby presenting a guideline on how information should be treated and the significance of any breach of confidence.

This template may be re-used as necessary. Once it has been supplied with the requested information and all the required signatures, it will be treated as a legal contract. This means its wording and framework comply with the West Virginia Uniform Trade Secrets Act (§ 134.90). That is, the contents here will provide definitions to what information is private and how private information should be treated. Furthermore, it will provide a list of when the signature party can and cannot be held responsible for the misappropriation of the concerned companies Trade Secrets. It is imperative that all signature parties read through and comprehend the terms listed, as these actions will help in preventing any unpleasant misunderstandings or indiscretions.

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Laws§ 134.90 (Uniform Trade Secrets Act)