Texas Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Texas Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template was developed to act as a contract under the auspices of the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act. Here, we will be dealing with the issue of a business’ confidential information (Trade Secrets, Trade Practices, Operational Procedures, Formulas, etc.). This is considered a sensitive topic since no entity wishes to have its information compromised. There are quite a few times when this becomes a concern. For instance, the business may be giving a tour or has decided to partner with an entity that will be on-premises. In each instance, the possibility of a business’ information being learned and illegally dispensed can occur accidentally or intentionally.

This paperwork will act as a method for disclosing the definitions of what is considered confidential, describing a code of conduct concerning this information, and the possible penalties that will be imposed for violating this trust to an entity that enters a relationship with the business using this document. This signature will act as a promise to uphold all this paperwork’s terms thus, offering some level of protection to the concerned business.

A re-usable copy of this paperwork is provided through the links on this page. If desired, you may fill-in the information on-screen with software that can edit either a Word document or a PDF document. Make sure to print enough copies for all signature parties to have an original copy.

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LawsTitle 6, Chapter 134A (Trade Secrets)