South Carolina Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The South Carolina Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template presents itself as a legal tool for companies wishing to safeguard their Trade Secrets. This contract will act within the scopes of the South Carolina Trade Secrets Act. These statutes will govern subject matters that apply to the preservation of a company’s Trade Secrets or confidential information. Neither the South Carolina Trade Secrets Act and this templet will interfere with each other. That is, this agreement will hold each signature party directly responsible to its user while South Carolina Statutes act to govern the population regarding Trade Secrets. Obviously, most companies would like to make sure to that any entity it is conducting business with can be held accountable for any violation of trust. This paperwork will answer that desire nicely.

When an entity signs this document, it will provide physical proof of its agreement with the conditions set forth within it. This means that any remedies set forth by this contract will be considered effective and that each signature party understands they may be utilized when it is unable to live up to its signature. It is therefore imperative that each party, including the user, take the time out to review the contents of this paperwork before signing it, especially since it will be upheld in a South Carolina State Law.


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Laws – Title 39, Chapter 8 (Trade Secrets)