Tennessee Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Tennessee Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template protects what is known as “trade secrets” defined under § 47-25-1701(4) and allows the preservation of a business’ proprietary information. Many companies will strive to keep their operations and other Trade Secrets in-house rather than allow such information to find its way to a competitor.

Disclosing such information early in a business relationship can help avoid unpleasant mistakes made by an individual or entity that may accidentally be exposed to a company’s private information. Many would say any precautionary method employed for this purpose is a wise tool. Additionally, a promise to be held accountable to the terms of this agreement is obtained through a binding signature. In fact, once this document is signed by all parties involved, it will perform as a contract. Thus, each party will have solidified the intent to avoid the misuse or misappropriation of a business’ Trade Secrets.

The paperwork necessary to do this is available on this page and may be obtained at your discretion. You may review a preview using the image then, when you are ready, download it as either a Word document or a PDF file.

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Laws – Title 47, Chapter 25, Part 17 (Uniform Trade Secrets Act)