Utah Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Utah Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template enables its users to obtain a clear and descriptive promise that a signature party will not misuse any Trade Secrets learned because of its relationship with the user. Such precautions can be useful under a variety of circumstances for instance when a new hire is made, a company usually wishes to make sure its Trade Secrets will not be intentionally misused or even accidentally released to public entities such as the company’s competitors. Such actions can potentially have long-lasting disastrous effects on a company’s ability to compete and thrive. This template seeks to address any such security risk by demanding a signature from the new hire. Other instances where this paperwork may apply include new partnerships, when access to the premises is given (i.e. a tour), or when any foreign entity gains access to the business’ records and property.

The Utah Uniform Trade Secrets Act (Chapter 24) will govern this topic and this template’s structure and wording will conform to the contents of this statute. In this way it will remain enforceable in a court of law and will not interfere with the laws in any way. Similarly, Utah statutes will only serve to bolster the contents of this paperwork since the details defining subjects such as what Trade Secrets, Confidential Information, Misappropriation and other topics will align with the State Laws governing this topic. 

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Laws – Chapter 24 (Uniform Trade Secrets Act)