Montana Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Montana Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template allows participating entities a reliable method of control regarding sensitive information and those who may access such information. Usually, this need will result when two or more entities agree to work to together (i.e. a new hire or a partnership). Regardless of the nature of the relationship or the type of entity it is entirely possible that sensitive information such as a company’s Trade Secrets will be exposed when business is conducted. This paperwork will provide several declarations, definitions, actions, consequences, and responsibilities that an entity wishes to apply to a professional relationship to protect its interests.

In order for this document to apply to the business parties engaging in a professional relationship, information applying to the current situation and individuals will need to be entered where requested and each you name must sign where appropriate. This contract becomes binding only upon Signing. This contract is compliant with and will not interfere with the Montana Uniform Trade Secrets Act. It will directly link the responsibilities it places on a signature party to the other participating entities in the manner defined within it. If a violation occurs that violates the Montana Uniform Trade Secrets Act, other institutions may become involved.

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LawsTitle 30, Chapter 14, Part 4 (Uniform Trade Secrets Act)