Indiana Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The Indiana Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template on this page for download will aid business entities by serving as tool to protect their interests when it comes to Trade Secrets, Sensitive Information, or any subject deemed Confidential. Here we will have a supporting contract meant to uphold and work in conjuncture with the Indiana Uniform Trade Secrets Act (IC 24-2-3-2). Whereas the Indiana Uniform Trade Secrets Act is a method for government entities to protect a business’s Trade Secrets, this document will act as a tool for the businesses involved to protect themselves against the improper dissemination of sensitive topics such as Trade Secrets or Trade Practices that should remain in-house.

This is accomplished by listing each relevant definition and what behavior is or is not allowed. Since an entity’s signature is a binding tool, once it has been supplied on this page, that entity can be held responsible directly to the other signature parties. In addition to this protection, this contract can be considered a guideline of conduct for each signature party which they may refer to and must adhere to. This simple precaution can aid in preventing unpleasant accidents with lasting detrimental effects such as inadvertently dispensing information in a manner that is considered a violation to parties such as competitors.

Users should download this form directly from this page, then fill in the information requested. Each signature party should take a reasonable amount of time to review this document both before signing it and afterwards. Additionally, it is strongly recommended to print and sign enough copies so that each participating member of this agreement has their own signed original. 

DownloadsAdobe PDF, Microsoft Word (.docx)

Laws – IC 24-2-3 (Trade Secrets)