North Dakota Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The North Dakota Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template is considered a logical precautionary method in making sure a business entity’s Trade Secrets remains in-house. This can be crucial to the survival of a business as some Trade Secrets and Trade Practices can have extremely negative effects should they find their way to competitors or the public. Naturally, when a business evaluates its relations, it will wish to make sure all those who may be exposed to such sensitive information are fully abreast of the responsibility they are expected to bear when maintaining that business’ privacy. This contract seeks to assuage a business’ concerns on this matter by plainly stating what should be considered confidential and how it can remain so. Additionally, it will specifically name a signature party as being accountable to any breach of this contract.

The State of North Dakota governs such subjects through the North Dakota Uniform Trade Secrets Act. This will in no way interfere with the effect of this contract as it conforms to all such statutes. Similarly, the scope of this paperwork will have no bearing.

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Laws – Chapter 47-25.1 (Trade Secrets)