New Jersey Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The New Jersey Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template satisfies a need to protect a business’ interests in looking after its Trade Secrets. Initially, a new business relationship can hold quite a bit of vulnerability depending on the nature of the relationship. Thus, a standard practice of gaining a promise from the new relationship has developed. Generally, this is to solidify the definition of Trade Secrets and the expectations associated with being exposed to them through the new relationship.

This form can be selected as either a Word document of PDF file directly on this page and will require some information pertaining to the situation and the parties involved. When you have supplied these basic items, you may present the form for review to everyone expected to sign it. They must have enough time to review every point before signing it.

It should be noted the New Jersey Trade Secrets Act will hold governance in these matters though it will not interfere with the terms in this contract since the content here is in full compliance with New Jersey Statutes.

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LawsTitle 56, Chapter 15 (New Jersey Trade Secrets Act)