California Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Template

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The California non-disclosure agreement on this page becomes a binding contract under the California Uniform Trade Secrets Act (§ 3426 – 3426.11) once it is signed by the concerned parties. Here, this template will supply language that must be present when discussing confidentiality, dissemination of information, possible penalties, and the definitions and terms applying to such agreements.

This type of contract is usually used to prevent the theft of Trade Secrets or Procedures between two or more parties who enter a professional relationship. In many instances, this is considered a wise precaution in avoiding unpleasant situations involving a breach of confidence while the working relationship exists and after it has ceased (if it does). By supplying and solidifying such terms at the start of a business relationship, a reliable guideline for a signature entity’s behavior can be established. That is, this contract may protect each participant from intolerable indiscretions or misunderstandings regarding the information that should be shared between them and no one else by obligating each one to the level of confidentiality demanded by this contract.

It should be noted, that local, state, and federal courts will have the authority to enforce this contract without superseding once it is signed and dated.

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Laws§ 3426 – 3426.11 (Title 5 – Uniform Trade Secrets Act)